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Testing: Restore All, LLC is partnered with Certified Mold Experts that are the most reliable inspectors. We Provide you a FREE home visual inspection and mold assessment by checking for humidity and moisture in your property. If mold is visible or suspected we will suggest that a licensed Mold Assessor collect samples of different parts of your home, business, or commercial building to determine if your indoor air has elevated levels of mold.
*Price varies depending on the number of samples required. Note: Most insurance companies cover the costs of mold testing and remediation. Have your policy ready for a free review of your coverage)

Our visual mold inspection will give you a complete evaluation of your home or business. We  scan for water, moisture or water-related problems like mold. Our inspector will use humidity detectors and infrared thermal imaging to analyze your home or office. 

We will recommend a licensed Mold Assessor to take samples that will be sent to a third-party laboratory for analysis. All the information collected allows the assessor to create a comprehensive report that will tell us if there is a problem. If there is, a Mold Remediation protocol is provided to effectively remediate the problem.

Important: It is important to conduct post-remediation clearance testing to make sure the mold has been effectively removed during the remediation process.

Remediation: Our technicians apply solutions, exceeding industry standards for mold removal, air treatment, and purification, area containment, leak repair, disposal of contaminated material, anti-fungal treatments, and restoration of the property before the damage occurred. We follow all EPA, OSHA, and IICRC S500 and IICRC R520 Standard procedures.

Mold can begin forming in various exposed or hidden places in your home or business when conditions are ideal with the temperature, humidity, and other factors within a property. Often the location of mold is not visible to the occupants of the property, existing within a wall, behind a cabinet or furniture, or in a crawlspace or attic.

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