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How to Hire a Professional Home Water Damage Restoration Company in Weston, FL

Water damage is both scary and traumatizing. It accounts for one of the most expensive home restoration expenses across different state lines. As a homeowner, you can never be fully prepared for it.

Water damage is caused by different factors such as a roof leak, burst pipes, flood damage, fire fighting, among others. The result is usually catastrophic for the structural integrity of your house, furniture, documents, electrical damage, and ultimately health complications from the resulting toxic mold.

Water damage needs immediate action as it is a breeding ground for mold. Are you wondering how to hire professional mold remediation services in Weston, Florida? You are in luck. Read the best tips and tricks for getting your home back.

Why hire a professional Weston water damage restoration and mold removal service?

Water damage restoration project is a daunting task even for experienced DIY homeowners. There’s a lot of inspection, clean-up, structural damage repair, property, and document recovery that can overwhelm a homeowner. Why should you get your hands dirty when a professional could do the job faster and more accurately with the latest equipment?

Some of the tasks a professional restoration company in the Weston, Florida area handles includes:

  • Water removal – a flooded house has a lot of water that needs to be carefully extracted to avoid further damage.
  • Sewer repair and clean-up – there’s a chance your house could be contaminated with sewage when it floods. This contamination will need a professional to clean up and disinfect any microbial contamination.
  • Mold inspection and removal – one of the side effects of flooding is mold. Mold is a fungus that thrives in wet and humid conditions and can cause serious health complications. Leave it to an expert to do mold inspection and removal.
  • Property recovery – important documents and property such as photographs and deeds get easily damaged by water. Experts know how to recover and restore such properties.
  • Home repairs – some repairs require a lot of skills and manpower such as roofs, foundations, electrical repair, and drywalling, smoke damage repair.
  • Waste disposal – there’s a lot of waste that needs to be disposed of properly from water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, mold infestation.

How do you measure water damage severity?

The Institute of Inspection, cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) classifies water damage into three unique categories. Your water damage category determines the expenses as well as the extent of the job.

Clean Water Damage

Clean water damage is usually caused by overflowing sinks, leaking pipes and water supply pipes, etc. It causes minimal damage and is the cheapest to fix.

Gray Water Damage

Gray Water Damage can harm both pets and homeowners. It is caused by burst sewers and toilets, floodwaters, washing machines, and broken sump pumps. All affected areas need disinfection.

Black Water Damage

Blackwater damage is usually associated with a lot of health problems. It is also the most destructive and expensive to repair with mold remediation involved. Overflowing sewage and rising floodwaters from seas and rivers are the main courses of black water damage.

How do I choose a Weston water damage restoration contractor?

There are a lot of companies that major in-home water damage remediation services in Weston, FL. However, such repairs are usually expensive and require significant manpower to fix. Getting proper home water damage remediation services in Weston, FL, for both a residential and commercial property, is easy if you do the following:

Ask for certifications

Ask for certification for top-notch mold remediation services and water. By following statutory standards, the company does a great job repairing your home or business. Some of the certifications you need to look out for include:

IICRV certification – ensures they follow accepted water damage repair industry standards and processes.

Bonding – Covers any damage or property by the company during the remediation process that the insurance company may not cover.

EPA Lead-Safe certification – great when your property needs paint. Ensures a lead-safe work environment for your home.

Contractor’s loss pollution insurance (CPL) – Restoration homes generate a lot of pollution during restoration. The cover ensures you and your property are safe from any damage or injury as a result of pollution. You won’t need other insurance companies involved.


A restoration process is usually built on the foundation of trust. A restoration company needs to be open about its processes and services before you can hire them. Who wants to have a company rebuild their home without proof of insurance or liability in case something goes wrong?

You need to ask the company to clarify any negative comments or reviews they get. Contact their main office in Florida and get as much information as you can.


Water damage can occur in the blink of an eye. You need a home water damage remediation company that will show up immediately the moment you give them a call before mold can build up. The team should be available 24/7 to clean up any mess that arising – especially in flood-prone areas. Always go for a fast response.

The more trained technicians a company has in South Florida during the flood season, the better. The drying process for any commercial property or residential housing may need a number of people working different days.

Source multiple quotes

Different companies charge differently for their remediation services. You may get more services with company A at the same cost as company B. For each quote, get the list of services such as mold testing, fire damage restoration, getting your damp dry wall repaired, etc. You might just be lucky and get a free mold inspection.

Prices may vary depending on the affected area, nature of the damage, size of the residential or business premise, among others. Shop around Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas for highly recommended water damage remediation services.

What is the process of home restoration services in Weston, Florida?

Before you contact your insurance company or contact a home remediation business, you should understand the restoration process.

  • Temporary cover: Companies offering home restoration services may cover your home or business to protect against further damage. You may need to relocate during the entire process for safety reasons. talk to your insurance company to see if your policy covers relocation.
  • Water removal: The first step for home restoration in Weston is water removal either from a flood or fire. Removing water ensures there’s no mold buildup. A professional can remove gallons of water.
  • Dehumidification: Using specialized moisture meters, a water damage restoration company can detect water in hard-to-access areas and moisture retained by building materials. Venting techniques, air movers, and industrial humidifiers can then reduce moisture to acceptable levels.
  • Cleaning and disinfection: a professional home restoration service in the Weston area or Broward county will clean and disinfect your property and belongings – especially from mold.
  • Repairs and restoration: Involves rebuilding destroyed property and restoring essential services like water and power. Water damage repair requires special equipment and machines.
  • Protective treatments: Your home or business requires protective treatments to reduce the chances of insects or mold developing.

Get the best water damage restoration services in Weston

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