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Fire Damage Restoration Steps For Restoring The Property

You need fire damage restoration services to fix damage caused by a fire, smoke and corrosive byproducts. Removing corrosion caused by soot, smoke odor and other biohazards from surfaces and furnishings will go a long way in restoring your residential and commercial property back to its initial form. This post will discuss the 7 steps for restoring fire damage in Weston, FL.

7 Steps for Fire Damage Restoration Weston FL

Fire damage comes with a lot of emotional trauma. Getting a professional to help you through the entire process is always relieving. While you can get federal help in recovering burnt bills and community support in recovering food and personal belongings, restoring your home or businesses back to where they were before the fire is a process. These steps will guide you along the way.

Ensure the property is safe to enter

A property that has just experienced fire damage is prone to collapse, with most of the safety hazards coming from damaged power lines, smoldering debris, chemicals from the fire extinguisher water, and toxic gases from the dying flames. You need to wait for fire damage restoration inspector to carefully conduct a structural analysis of the property and issue you with a security clearance before re-entering.

Dry up all excess water

Fire damage causes pipes to burst, causing additional water damage to your property. In addition, firefighters sometimes use liquid water to put out fires. This liquid leaves a trail of water damage and flooding risk that could destroy all your documents, books, paintings, carpet, wallpaper, drywall and wooden fittings. Damage restoration professionals working on your property are aware that standing water could be hiding naked electric wires, sharp objects, biohazards and a safe environment for the growth of mold and mildew. Also, water can get lodged into the walls and flooring surface, causing wood rot and structural damage. Extracting all water from the ground and drying up all personal belongings will protect your property from further damage and improve your home air quality. 

Remove soot and debris

Danger lurks behind and beneath the charred remains of burning matter. The simmering fire and debris could be hiding hot coals, hollow surfaces, collapsing structures among other hazards. The accompanying soot could permanently stain your walls, ceiling, surfaces, utensils and appliances, not forgetting its corrosive nature that could even cause water pipes to rust and start leaking. It will help to remove all debris and soot from the property before any damage restoration process is done.

Discard unsalvageable items

A fire is one of the most devastating disasters you can ever experience. After hurricanes, fires are among the top causes of natural disasters in Weston, FL. Fire can reduce everything to ashes in just a few seconds, with smoke spreading through tiny crevices and air to cause massive damage even where the flames have not reached. Fire and smoke damage cause property damage, destruction of personal belongings, air pollution, respiratory health complications, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even death. Some of the items and surfaces that have come into contact with fire, smoke, soot and water may never be restored. For instance, it is hard to repair a burnt document or cloth. Some of the items from the disaster will be easily fixed, cleaned, deodorized and restored back to their original state, but others will be damaged beyond repair. Let go of the unsalvageable items to reduce clutter and get peace of mind.

Protect property from further damage

After a fire, the accompanying smoke and water damage will continue wreaking havoc until something is done. Soot and smoke contain corrosive acid that continues to eat away and permanently stain surfaces. Water, on the other hand, will attract mold and mildew within just 24 hours of exposure to moisture, in addition to causing structural damage to your house or business.

Mold growth affects indoor air quality and cause mold allergies that cost you a lot of money to treat. In addition, fire and smoke contaminate the air and restrict the flow of oxygen, sometimes leaving behind carbon monoxide which can cause respiratory problems. Cleaning up smoke damage can save you from many health complications.

This means the amount of damage you will experience within 24 hours of fire and water damage will be very costly. After the firefighters leave your premises and go their way, it is your responsibility to hire professional fire restoration services to help you minimize further damage. By this time, no electricity is flowing into your appliances, your gas stove is switched off, water is turned off from the main valve and so nothing can cause ignition or water leaks at the moment.

Removing soot and smoke stains from surfaces will protect them from permanent discoloration which could force you to buy new items. Depending on the cause of fire, the fire clean up technicians will use specific cleaning agents to protect the affected rooms and contents. They will also offer quick water damage restoration to protect your protect you from mold exposure.

Further, firefighters tend to drill holes on the roof or walls to put out hidden fires and prevent the fire from growing, and so you may need to fix these before getting back into the house. Holes on the roof and walls are a risk as they expose your house or business to further damage from elements of the weather. Bear in mind that the insurance company may not cover mold removal and other extra costs caused by delayed response to a fire disaster, and so it is critical to act fast and save all these out of pocket costs.

Deep clean and deodorize

It is easy to give up on property and upholstery after fire damage, but disasters are normal and can their effects easy to mitigate. Fire restoration companies in Georgia do not need any certification to offer restoration services. However, working with technicians who are trained and certified by the IICRC will guarantee you of a professional job.

Cleaning fire damage from walls, ceilings, carpets, floors, furniture and clothing need special cleaning techniques. You can use tri-sodium phosphate and a vacuum cleaner to clean smoke and fire damage from smaller surfaces, but larger surfaces will require professional equipment and tools. Fire and smoke restoration technicians use techniques such as thermal flogging to remove smoke odors from smoke damaged surfaces and rooms, while removal of stains, biohazards and toxic chemicals from the affected and surrounding areas require specialized care and expertise.

Mold remediation

Certified fire damage restoration companies do not complete the restoration process without conducting mold inspection, mold testing and mold remediation. Mold testing will check the quality of air for any hidden mold that could have started growing behind the drywall, insulation, above the ceiling board and under the carpet. Mold inspection will check all areas for possible mold growth. They will also conduct mold remediation to protect your home from mold damage.

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