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5 Steps to Proper Mold Damage Removal Weston, FL

Anyone who has ever had flooding or any excessive standing water in their home knows that mold growth is one of the major hazards of unwanted moisture. When the conditions are correct, mold growth can begin to occur within a 24-48 hour window of time, so it is integral that you remove the excess water and begin mold remediation as soon as possible.

Ensuring that all the mold has been removed from the affected region of your home is the only way to be sure that you, your family, and the structural integrity of your house are safe and secured. The best option for most homeowners dealing with serious mold growth after a severe water incident in their Weston, FL, homes is to contact a mold removal company such as ours at Restore All.

Mold removal companies can conduct a thorough mold inspection throughout the entire home, complete mold testing services, and develop a plan for mold remediation. If, however, a homeowner feels that can handle mold removal without the assistance of a professional mold remediation company, there are some steps to take to make sure all of the molds is eliminated.

Why Is Mold Removal Important?

Mold removal services are critical for the security of your home as well as the health and well-being of everyone who lives in it. Mold can be potentially hazardous to the health of those who have respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies. When black mold spores spread and infest an area, the results of that infestation can make these respiratory conditions worse or even bring about new ones in otherwise healthy individuals.

Black mold (and most other types of mold) are naturally occurring in the world around us, and it would be impossible to eradicate all types of mold. However, mold in someone’s house or office can have devastating effects on the structural integrity of that building. Mold damage can result in the weakening of a facility’s structural components and movement in the foundation. Additionally, mold can get into areas like crawl spaces, the HVAC system, or insulation and wreak havoc.

When mold damage gets pretty serious, the mold cleanup can be very expensive, especially if it spreads throughout the home. When you smell mold or catch sight of even a small bit of black mold on the wall, immediately make a mold remediation plan or contact mold removal experts like ours at Restore All in Weston, FL.

5 Steps for Proper Mold Remediation

In some situations (depending on the extent of mold spread or even the policy with the insurance company concerning mold), homeowners may want to tackle a mold issue on their own. If that is the case, there are some steps to take to ensure that proper mold remediation is done and the home is returned to pre-mold conditions. Once mold removal and cleanup are complete, the family can return to the house and live worry-free.

Be Aware of Ideal Conditions for Mold Growth

The first thing to understand is how mold takes root in a home and can spread. After a water or flooding situation, mold can begin to grow within 24-48 hours. The ideal environment for mold is dark, damp, and humid. In places like the basement, mold tends to prosper extremely well. These conditions must be removed so that mold can no longer spread.

Determine the Extent of the Infestation with a Thorough Mold Inspection

This can be a tricky aspect of the mold remediation process because the mold in a home may not always be visible. Just because you see some signs of mold on a wall does not mean that the mold is hiding behind the wall, spreading throughout the HVAC system, or clinging to insulation. Mold testing may be needed to determine the extent and spread of the infestation.

Prepare Your Home for Cleanup

Before you can begin cleaning the mold, you must first prepare your home for the process. This can include:

  • Repairing a water problem (if the mold developed following a burst pipe or a sink overflow)
  • Isolating the affected area – close all the doors and windows, seal off seams, and cover doorways with special sheeting
  • Suppressing dust to prevent mold spores from traveling through the ductwork
  • Removing and disposing of wet and contaminated materials which cannot be salvaged

Once these steps have been completed, you can then move on to the actual mold remediation process to eliminate the mold from your home.

Mold Remediation

When it comes to surfaces that have been affected by mold, everything must be cleaned thoroughly. This also means that these materials need to be cleaned to remove any and all traces of mold. Non-porous and wooden surfaces should be cleaned with a wire brush and wipes. Then moldy surfaces can be scrubbed with a damp cloth and detergent. Everything should be rinsed with clean water.

If the infestation can be classified as Level 2, you will need something more than a mop, damp cloth, and detergent. You will need to invest in a HEPA vacuum before utilizing the cloth and detergent.

Dry Everything Extensively

Once everything has been cleaned, and all visible signs of mold are gone, the drying process should commence. All areas must be completely dry to prevent mold from re-developing. Fans, dehumidifiers, and an increase in indoor air temperature can speed up the process.

When Do You Need a Professional Mold Inspection in Weston, FL / Austin, TX?

Mold infestations are serious business in South Florida and Austin Texas, and it is imperative that homeowners carefully consider investing in the services of mold removal experts. They have the training, skills, and specialized equipment to provide effective mold remediation and mold inspection services that you can trust.

When your mold issue has become larger than a small spot in the corner of your bathroom shower, professional mold removal is your best bet. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you, your family, and your home are safe with professional mold remediation and inspections.

Contact Our Weston, FL, / Austin TX Mold Growth Experts

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