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3 Things You Need To Do After a Water Damage Emergency

Regardless of where your house is situated, water damage can occur. Water damage is common to every home where water is used. It should be treated as an emergency because it can cause severe damage to your property if the situation is not quickly and adequately managed. 

Water damage emergencies can occur as a result of a blockage in kitchen drainages, leaking roof, storm, flooding as a result of heavy rain, breakage of pipes, and other defects in HVAC fixtures.

As you can see, water damage is an issue that takes place due to a wide variety of factors that include natural disasters and fixture disasters. When talking about natural disasters we mean that of hails, storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other factors. When we talk about fixtures, we mean that of plumbing fixtures that range from your pipes to other man made structures having issues.

To effectively be in control of this emergency when it happens, there is a need to plan ahead of the emergency. 

If one is able to put everything in place to minimize the effect of the water damage on your property, one can save themselves a lot of damage, both financially and physically. One way you can be ahead of the emergency is to contact an insurance company beforehand to insure your property.

How to Prevent Water Damage Emergencies

Prevention, they say, is better than post damage cure. Why? The consequences are much more grave. The consequences of water damage can be mild or  severe. 

It can reduce the value of a property, and in some cases, it can cause a total collapse of the building structure. Some of the water damage emergencies that happen in various homes are as a result of negligence. 

The situation builds up over time until it becomes destructive to the building and to the occupant of the property. Water damages on a property can also be due to natural elements like heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.

Here are helpful tips to avoid water damage emergencies

  • Ensure that drainages are not blocked to enable easy passage of water.
  • Check for water leaks and fix all components as soon as leaks are detected. You can notice leaks by monitoring the water pressure. A drop in the water pressure might be as a result of leakage in the pipes.
  • Ensure your surroundings are not sloping towards the building to prevent water damaging your building’s foundation.
  • Check the roofs to ensure no shingle is missing or damaged.
  • Perform routine checks on pipes and replace leaking pipes.

Things to do when you have a water damage emergency

While preventing water damage is very important to avoid an emergency, it is also essential to know what to do if the water damage emergency eventually happens. It can happen for a wide variety of reasons and that is why it is essential for individuals, it can happen even when one is quite prepared and has implemented preventative aspects.

If you find yourself with a water damage emergency, here is what you must know.

Here are the 3 things you need to do if you have a water damage situation in your home

  1. Protect yourself and your property

Water damage can pose a threat to your health and property. Hence, the first thing to do is to make sure you are safe, and your valuables are not destroyed. 

But make sure to pay more attention to your situation and whether you are able to make progress in several ways. Your health is of much more importance and matters a great deal.

If you find that your health is in jeopardy, ensure to reach out to the proper authorities to resolve your situation.

With regard to your properties, you would want to remove those items that you can from the areas of water damage. It is quite necessary to remove these as quickly as possible for the best results in mitigating damages.

These few steps can ensure you are not harmed or your property is not destroyed during a water damage emergency.

  • Ensure that the electricity supply is shut down – to avoid electrocution, it would be best to turn off all switches, unplug your devices, and shut off your electrical supply using the circuit breaker.
  • Move your valuable and perishable items to an elevated area – protect your files, documents, electronics, and other objects that are not water resistant by taking them to an elevated area in your home. If the water problem is in the basement or ground floor, you can move your valuable items to the first floor.  
  • Wear safety gear – it is advisable to wear safety gears like gloves, protective clothing, and boots. Safety gears prevent having direct contact with contaminated water and protect you from sliding down a slippery floor.

2. Identify the source of the water damage

Identifying the cause of the water problem is a step away from getting a solution. It is essential to know how it all started. This will give you a clue on how to stop the water problem.

The common cause of water damage is broken pipes; it is essential to know which pipe is leaking and how to stop it.

Locate the valve to stop the water from flowing, then wipe out the stagnant water. Another source of water damage at home is a leaking roof. If a leaking roof is not fixed on time, it can cause severe damage to the property. As soon as you notice a leak in your roof, call a professional to fix it.

For flood-prone areas, it would be helpful if your drainages are not blocked to allow easy flow of water. Other preventive measures to be taken in a flooded area includes sandbagging and ditching.

3. Clean and restore your property

Cleaning and restoring the property is the next phase after you might have known how the water damage situation started and how to stop water from flowing into the property. 

Cleaning and restoring your property might take time and effort. This is where we come in. Restore All is a restoration company in Weston FL that prides itself on being the best company to restore your property if a water damage emergency occurs. We have highly trained professionals that can restore your home within a short time frame. Thankfully, we also have extensive experience, knowledge, and history in this sector and are pleased to work with more and more clients in the Weston FL area.

For a minimal water damage situation, cleaning the wet floor might be enough to restore your property to how it was. But the truth is that in many situations, it is a water damage emergency for a specific reason. That reason is that there is quite a bit of damage and issues that are present within a specific area within your commercial or residential property.

We ensure to step in and take care of your property to the best of our ability with our rigorous processes.

Further, to avoid future occurrences, an expert should be brought in to determine the primary cause of the emergency and help mitigate further risks.

What Goes into Property Restoration in Weston FL?

Restoring your property to how it was before a severe water damage emergency includes the following processes:

  • Call in experts to assess the situation 
  • Disinfecting the property – this is done in cases where there’s a build-up of moisture and microbes around your property.

If not properly disinfected, it might be harmful to the health of those living on the property.

  • Replacing worn-out components of the building. This might include the structural elements that are not water-resistant, worn out or corroded pipes, etc.

Reach Out to Restore All in Weston FL to Mitigate Water Damage Emergencies

Contact Restore All in Weston FL, when you have a water damage situation in your home or commercial property. We have highly trained professionals to put you out of this unfortunate situation.

It would be best to leave the cleaning and restoration phase to the professionals. They know how best to restore your property and are equipped with suitable instruments to use.

If not properly managed, water damages can reduce the value of your properties and cause severe damages to your property. 

We ensure to take care of each and every single one of our customers in the Weston FL area. If you are experiencing a wide variety of issues due to your water damage emergency in the Weston FL area, remember to call the experts at Restore All!

Our professionals will respond as quickly as possible and get to work to get your property back to the best condition possible.